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Municipal Committee NAROWAL

Phone No. : 0542-412244 & 412231     Fax No. 0542-411844, E-mail: narowalMC@gmail.com     /    MCnarowal2005@yahoo.com


Administrative Setup

The Municipal Committee is a body corporate and consists of the Chairman, Tehsil Municipal Officer, 4 Tehsil Officers and other officials of the Local Council Service and officials of the offices entrusted to the Municipal Committee. Chairman is the head of Municipal Committee and exercises all functions and powers as have been assigned to him under the Ordinance. The Tehsil Municipal Officer is acting as coordinating and administrative officer in-charge of the Tehsil Office.


MC, Narowal

 MC Narowal is headed by (Tariq Karim Khokhar ), Chairman

MC Narowal, joined as Chairman on 09-08-2014.

Contract No. :0542-410774  & 412244

Fax: No. +92-542-411844


Tehsil Municipal Officer

Mr. Habib-ul-Rehman Qurashi
Since:            :

Qualification:.     **         
Total Service:....  **

Contract No. & Fax:  0542-412231

Mob. 0300-4237178


Tehsil Officer (Finance)

Muhammad Arshid Tatlah.
Since:              19-04-2011

Total Service: 26 Year

Contract No. 0542-410771

Mob. 0306-6361220

Tehsil Officer (Regulation)



Total Service: 


Contract No. 0542-410773


Tehsil Officer (Infrastructure & Services)

Shiekh Nadeem Mustafa



Total Service: 

Contract No. 0542-410772

Mob. 0300-4483168


Tehsil Officer (Planning)

Muhammad Asim
Since:              06-02-2013

Qualification: B.Sc, CRP, UET, Lahore
Total Service: 

Contract No. 410775

Mob. 0334-4377596

Chief Officer (H/Q)

Ch. Sardar Ali

Since:               12-02-2013


Total Service: 30- Year

Contract No. 0346-4389064


  Council Officer

Shahbaz Bashir



Total Service: 

Contract No. 0301-6898121









Computer Operator / Web Designer /
Incharge Complaint Cell MC, Narowal

Babar   Khokhar

Qualification:       F.A

Total Service:  13-years
Contract No. 0542- 412244

Mob.   0300-7764774

Fax-No. 0542-412231
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